In terms of having a solid foundation and good engineering structure, we deal with the best engineers and all materials used to build properties are of high qualities.

Frank realtors Ltd is chosen for its reliability and has severally proven to be a real estate group in Nigeria, with as much as 2500 housing and estate land projects delivered successfully to our happy clients across Nigeria and counting. We also partner with the best and reputable real estate developers.

We have a team of experts specifically for consultations that can walk you through everything you need to know about real estate. Whether as a first time buyer or regular property buyer, we always encourage our clients to talk to us before making a final decision on a property to buy, so we can help them avoid some mistakes.

We have 3 categories of houses
1. Apartment/flat
2. Penthouse
3. Townhouse/duplex.
So depending on your need, budget and style, you can choose from our list of finished homes.

Great! Now that you’ve decided to buy a property, the next step is to find what you want based on your budget and location. There are two steps you can follow to find the property you want in our website:
1) Do a bulk search: Simply go to the property page and scan through our list of available properties to find the one you want.
2) Do a custom search: Simply reach out to the online customer care service, explain in details of what you need, then we’ll send you the list of properties that matches your description.

Great News. Now that you’ve seen the property you love to buy, the next step is to plan for an on-site inspection. This should depend on your location, timing and disposal. We always encourage our clients to make out time to go checkout the property they chose to ensure it’s actually what they wanted.


We can help you find any type of property you want to buy. We have one of the strongest real estate partner networks in Nigeria. Just email us with detailed information of what you want exactly, and we’ll get back to you with list of properties you can choose from.

Most of our properties comes with comfortable payment plans that spread across one to two years. So depending on your budgeting plans, you can find properties with suitable payment plans to ease your property spending

For now, Our major property jurisdiction is locked within the confines of Nigeria.

Yes, we manage properties. Depending on your main goal, our management plan ranges from taking care of your property for as long as you want and maintaining your individual and commercial properties.

There are no extra charges after buying or renting a property, once your payment is made on a property, legal documents will be signed by both parties and no other payments are involved.