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Eko Atlantic City – The Future of Real Estate Investment

Eko Atlantic – “a city reclaimed from the seas” – is Africa’s biggest real estate project. It’s located at the heart of the Atlantic Ocean, adjacent to the city of Lagos, the world’s fastest growing megacity. Initiated in 2006, it’s rapidly approaching completion with several high rise developments springing up within its walls.  From private developers, to multinationals and high net worth individuals, everyone is taking a keen interest in this project and the reason is it symbolizes the future of luxury real estate in Nigeria. The business district will become the new financial headquarters for the city and Nigeria as a whole.  WHY INVEST IN EKO ATLANTIC?  Clean Water: The city boasts of a solar powered water treatment plant as well as a waste water treatment plant to ensure world class hygiene. Uninterrupted Power: Eko Atlantic also offers 24/7 power supply with an air-cooled power plant and dual fuel plant to capitalize on the availability of CNG for cleaner emissions. Efficient Road Network: Eko Atlantic’s road network is designed using latest technology and best practices.  Truly, Eko Atlantic is the investment destination of the future. Why not consider the amazing investment opportunities  this city has to offer?

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